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We are currently offering special packages for students enrolled in Driver Education programs that are only offering parental supervision for the in-car portion of the program. The packages include 45-minute one-on-one lessons, professional curriculum guidance, and access to professional “observation” classes.  Please call our office if you have any questions.



The 4-lesson package is designed to assist the student in getting some experience with all the basic on the road experiences of a standard driver education in-car program. It includes instruction on 3 point U-turns, parallel parks, and all the components of the NYS road test. Lessons are 45 minutes in length & amount to 3 hours of actual behind the wheel experience.

This package includes 2 additional lessons beyond the Basic Package + a road test service. Basic or Advanced lesson package includes:

  • In-car curriculum guidelines

  • Curriculum completion sheet

  • Access to Professional Observation Videos

  • Observation completion sheet

  • Direct guidance from the most accomplished professionals in the driver instruction field

The 8-lesson package is designed to give a student the full in-car program experience with 6 hours of behind the wheel experience. This includes all facets of real-world driving, including highway type driving situations.

This package includes 2 additional lessons beyond the Advanced package plus a road test service)

PLEASE NOTE these professional one-on-one driving lessons are not to be considered the equivalent of taking a driver education course. They are offered in conjunction with attendance in an approved driver education course using ‘parental supervision’ to complete the in-car portion of their program.

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